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Adopt a Wild Clouded Leopard paw
Adopt a Wild Clouded Leopard

250$ You can help wild clouded leopards survive by supporting conservation efforts in Southeast Asia. By adopting a clouded leopard, you help researchers get a glimpse Adopt a clouded leopard into the lives of these elusive cats. All funds raised through the adoption program directly support carnivore conservation and research conducted in Malaysian Borneo by the Sabah Wildlife Department and the University of Oxford’s Wild CRU.

Adopting a clouded leopard is a wonderful way to show your commitment to the conservation of this amazing cat. You can adopt a clouded leopard for yourself, a loved one, or as a class project!

The Clouded Leopard Adoption package includes the following:
Plush Toy Sample
  • Matted 4" x 6" camera trap photo of a wild clouded leopard living in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
  • Special adoption certificate
  • Research project fact sheet
  • One package of clouded leopard notecards
  • Recognition on the Clouded Leopard Project website
  • 10" plush clouded leopard (pictured)
Your $250 donation goes directly to studying and protecting clouded leopards in the wild.

Please note that this is a symbolic adoption of a clouded leopard living in the wild so it is not possible to visit your adopted cat!
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