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Adopt a Camera Trap

$500 You can help researchers find and study wild clouded leopards in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Because these animals are so shy and reclusive, researchers must rely on costly camera traps to remotely document them. By adopting a camera trap you give our researchers a tool to better understand clouded leopard populations, movements, and behaviors.

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Adopting a camera is a remarkable contribution to the conservation and study of clouded leopards. You can adopt one for yourself, a loved one, or as a class project. Share your photographs with others and share the experience of a real wild clouded leopard defender!
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The Camera Trap Adoption package includes the following:
  • Exclusive wildlife photographs from YOUR camera
  • A Clouded Leopard Project photobook
  • Clouded Leopard Project Donor Certificate
  • And a Clouded Leopard Project T-shirt, plus
  • A personal Thank You from the researchers, and
  • Acknowledgment in reports, presentations, and online
Your $500 donation goes directly to studying and protecting clouded leopards in the wild.
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