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What is your job?
Theriogenologist ('therio' means animal reproduction)

Where do you work?
Smithsonian's National Zoological Park
Washington, DC

Why do you care about helping clouded leopards?
Clouded leopards are one of the most unique cats of all 36 species of non-domestic felid species. It is also interesting to study and understand their unique reproduction and behavior challenges...and they are the most beautiful cats in the world!!

How did you get your start?
sI volunteered at the Dallas Zoo, then became a Docent, then worked at a small animal clinic, then went to veterinary school for DVM degree. After vet school, I was accepted in a post-doctoral training program at the National Zoo to study reproduction in endangered species. I then went to University of Maryland and received a PhD in feline reproduction.

What's the best part of your job?
I get to work with the most amazing animals and people in the world, and through my research, I hope to understand endangered species to save them from extinction.

What suggestions could you give me for getting into your field?
Volunteer at a veterinary clinic and a zoo

Do you think clouded leopards have a chance to survive in the wild?
Through more research and field survey monitoring, we hope to learn about clouded leopards in the wild. With more knowledge about their distribution and threats, I think we can help clouded leopards survive in the wild.

How can I help clouded leopards?
Tell everyone about the clouded leopard and how they are different from other leopards (like the African leopard, snow leopard, leopard cat, etc) and other endangered cats. Funding also is needed to continue studying clouded leopards in the wild and reproducing them in breeding programs, such as the programs we have in Thailand.