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Ken paw
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What is your job?
Mammal Keeper superviser

Where do you work?
Front Royal, Virginia

Why do you care about helping clouded leopards?
They are a unique species that is extremely hard to breed in captivity.

How did you get your start?
I took a job at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago to fill some time before I returned to school. I liked it so much that I have I have now been doing it for almost 35 years.

What's the best part of your job?
Working with the animals and having them recognize you as an individual.

What suggestions could you give me for getting into your field?
These days you need to volunteer and to get experience. By doing that people get to know you and when a job does open up you stand a much better chance of getting hired.

Do you think clouded leopards have a chance to survive in the wild?
I think they stand a good chance of surviving in the wild unless their habitat is completely destroyed.

How can I help clouded leopards?
One way to help is by supporting conservation efforts in Southeast Asia. A good way to do that is by contributing to the Clouded Leopard Project in Thailand which has a project studying them in the wild and also one that is successfully breeding them at the Khao Kheow Zoo in Thailand.